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Merge Dragon Mod APK

Merge Dragons Mod APKย  is a mobile puzzle game developed and published by Gram Games Limited. Furter, combines elements of match-three puzzles, merging objects, and dragon breeding to create a unique gameplay experience. Moreover, In the game, players are tasked with restoring a magical land that has been cursed by an evil wizard.

Game NameMerge Dragon Mod APK
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Versionย v 10.3.0 (Latest Mod)
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What is Merge DragonMod APK

Merge Dragons Mod APK is a mobile puzzle game developed by Gram Games Limited. While the core gameplay of Merge Dragons. Further, it is free to play, the game also offers several paid features and in-app purchases that enhance the gameplay experience. So, These paid features are designed to provide players with various advantages, extra content, and convenience within the game.

APK features of Merge Dragon Mod APK


The main objective of Merge Dragons is to merge and combine various objects, such as plants, and treasure chests. Further, it also contains dragon eggs, to create new and more powerful items. Thus, By merging three or more identical objects, players can create a higher-level object and earn rewards.

Merge Dragon Mod APK


The gameplay in Merge Dragons consists of a series of levels, each with a different puzzle layout. Therefore, Players start with a limited amount of land and a few dragon eggs. So, They must strategically merge objects on the land to create new objects and free up space for more merging.

Merging Objects

To merge objects, players need to drag and drop them onto each other. Further, When three or more identical objects are merged, they combine to create a higher-level object. For example, merging three small plants may create a medium-sized plant, and merging three medium-sized plants may create a large plant. Thus, The higher the level of the merged object, the more valuable it becomes.

Merge Dragon Mod APK

Life Essence and Healing Land

In Merge Dragons, players have a limited resource called “Life Essence. Further,ย  Life Essence is used to healing cursed land, which is an essential part of progressing through the game. As well as merging objects and harvesting them, players can earn Life Essence to heal the cursed land and reveal new areas to explore.

Dragon Breeding

One of the unique aspects of Merge Dragons is the ability to breed and collect different types of dragons. However,ย  Players can merge dragon eggs and create new dragon species. Thus, Dragons can be used to harvest objects, heal the land, and complete various tasks within the game.

Quests and Events

Merge Dragons offers a variety of quests and events to keep players engaged. Further, Completing quests and participating in events rewards players with valuable items, currency, and other bonuses. Moreover, These quests and events often have specific objectives and time limits, adding a sense of urgency and challenge to the gameplay.

Camp and Dragonsai Tree

Players have a camp where they can organize and store their objects, dragons, and resources. However, The camp serves as a central hub where players can manage their progress, access different levels, and interact with various game features. Additionally, there is a Dragonsai Tree, which provides additional rewards and benefits as players merge and grows their dragon collection.

Merge Dragon Mod APK

Level Progression

Players can progress through numerous levels, each with its unique puzzle layout and challenges. Additionally, The core mechanic of merging objects is available for free, allowing players. So, Players can breed and collect different types of dragons to help them in their quests and level progression.

Camp Management

Players can organize their objects, dragons, and resources in their camp, which serves as a central hub. Further, Players can participate in quests and events to earn valuable rewards and bonuses. Moreover, Merge Dragons allows players to connect with friends and share their progress, but this feature may include additional social media integration or require internet access.

Mod Features of Merge Dragon Mod APKย 

Gem Packs

Gems are the premium currency in Merge Dragons. Gem packs are available for purchase and provide players with a specific amount of gems. These gems can use to buy premium dragon eggs, special items, extra moves, and other in-game bonuses.

Dragon Gems

Dragon Gems are a special type of currency that can use to buy exclusive dragons and premium items. They are more valuable than regular gems and can be obtained through in-app purchases.

Dragon Chests

Merge Dragon Mod APKย  Chests contain various rewards such as dragon eggs, valuable items, and resources.ย  These premium chests often contain higher-quality rewards compared to regular chests.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are similar to Dragon Chests but contain unique items, dragon eggs, or even special dragons. These chests can be unlocked using premium currency.

Event Passes

Merge Dragons! frequently introduces limited-time events with unique challenges and rewards. Further, Event Passes can purchase to gain access to additional rewards and exclusive event content. So, They often include extra levels, special dragons, and boosted rewards for event-related activities.

Premium Levels and Areas

The game features different levels and areas to explore. Moreover, Some levels and areas may require players to spend the premium currency or make in-app purchases to unlock them. Thus, These premium levels and areas typically offer more challenging puzzles and exclusive rewards.

Bundles and Special Offers

Merge Dragons, occasionally offers bundles and special deals that provide players with a combination of in-game items. Thus, These bundles may include gems, dragon eggs, special items, or other bonuses.


How do I merge objects in Merge Dragons?

To merge objects in Merge Dragons, you need to drag one object onto another of the same type. Further, The objects will merge and create a higher-level object.

ย How do I get more dragon eggs in Merge Dragons?

You can obtain dragon eggs by merging dragon stars or by completing certain levels and events. Moreover, Dragon nests can also occasionally spawn dragon eggs.

ย What is the fastest way to earn coins in Merge Dragons?

The fastest way to earn coins in Merge Dragons is by harvesting and merging coin-producing objects. thus, it includes golden apples or golden mushrooms. You can also sell unwanted objects for coins.

How do I unlock new levels in Merge Dragons?

To unlock new levels in Merge Dragons, you need to complete the previous levels. So, Each level has specific goals that you must achieve to progress to the next one.

How do I heal the land in Merge Dragons?

To heal the land in Merge Dragons, you need to merge life essence or life flowers. Additionally, Merge three or more life essence or life flowers to create healed land.

What are dragon gems used for in Merge Dragons?

Dragon gems are a premium currency in Merge Dragons. Moreover, They can be used to speed up tasks, buy special items, unlock chests, or purchase additional dragon eggs.

How do I get more dragon power in Merge Dragons?

Dragon power can be obtained by merging dragon stars, harvesting certain objects, or completing quests. However,ย  You can also increase dragon power by expanding your dragon camp.

What are the different types of dragons in Merge Dragons?

Merge Dragons features various types of dragons, including common dragons, uncommon dragons, rare dragons, and legendary dragons. Further, Each type has its own unique abilities and characteristics.

How do I earn stars in Merge Dragons?

Stars can be earned by completing levels and achieving specific goals. Moreover, You can also earn stars by participating in events and completing event quests.

How do I get more dragon chests in Merge Dragons?

Dragon chests can be obtained by completing levels, events, or quests. Further, They can also be found while harvesting objects or purchased from the in-game shop.


Merge Dragons Mod APK is a popular mobile puzzle game where players embark on a magical journey to restore a mystical land. Furthermore, The game combines elements of match-3 puzzles, dragon breeding, and base-building mechanics. Thus, The objective is to merge various objects, including dragons, plants, and treasures, to create new and more powerful items.

Merge Drgaonย Mod APK

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