FacePlay Mod Apk
FacePlay Mod Apk Premium unlocked Download V2.9.0 (No Watermark) Latest Version Premium Apk 2022

FacePlay Mod Apk

FacePlay Mod Apk is one of the best apps in which you can change your face. This app can be used very well in special short videos. With its magical effect, you can use the face of any movie character.
NameFacePlay Mod Apk
GenreArt & Design / Lifestyle
Size53 MB
Version2.09.0 (Latest Version)
Updated{a few days ago}
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked/ No Watermark

How Amazing is FacePlay Mod Apk Premium unlocked?

There are a lot of apps on the Google Play Store right now that allow you to change your face in your videos. With these apps, you can not only change your face but you can also change the look of any celebrity video. These apps help you can create high-quality videos which will be professional. It is considered to be the best app in this regard. This app is considered to be very good at creating such special videos and changing all kinds of faces.ย  All you have to do is click on your picture and then the app will work out how it works amazingly and magically on your picture.

FacePlay Mod Apk

Game Feature

The features of the FacePlay Mod Apk:

Fantastic Beauty Effects

Do you want a mature and fashionable look even though you belong to a village? If your answer is yes, then this app may be the best one for you. Create fashionable, professional, magical, blockbuster, and amazing videos with just one click. You can get an urban or modern look by selecting any type of costume and adding your picture to it. Just add your picture and get the videos with your look.

FacePlay Mod Apk

Great Ethnic Minorities Effects

If you are interested in making a video on minorities concerning their color, race, and dress then FacePlay Mod Apk will prove to be the best for you to become a professional video maker. With this great app, you can now create the best kind of videos in the cultural style of minorities with just one click.

Chinese Costume

With this app, you can create the best kind of videos that will be professional and up-to-date. In addition, you can also make videos according to the culture of China. Whether it’s a modern Chinese costume or a beautiful ancient costume, you can make your video using any kind of costume. When you use the ancient Chinese costume in your videos, how can you in social circles you will suddenly start getting more likes and your videos will start going viral?

Awesome Cheongsam

You can easily transform your character into a beautiful cheongsam, this will make your video more interesting and it is very easy to do because you only need one click. You can get any character you want by simply selecting the image of your choice and then clicking on the face play button. Just one click will turn your image into a custom cheongsam.

A Handsome Guy

Get a handsome guy with just one click and track and swipe as you wish with your face. This is a feature that will transform you into a beautiful guy so that no one will be able to recognize the original because FacePlay Mod Apk allows you to get your image. This is artificial intelligence. Contains an app that converts your image into various stunning videos.



Who is the publisher of this app?

Innovational Techniques Limited is the Author of this awesome app.

Is this available in the market?

Yes, Faceplay Modย  Apk premium is now available in the market.

Is this a free app?

Yes, it is a free app.


If you are looking for an app that can turn your face into a beautiful and musical video then FacePlay Mod Apk will be perfect for you. With this app, you can transform your face into any professional and best-effect video and it is all possible with one click. You can convert your face into any national and international celebrity. The wait is over. You can simply download this app from the link below.

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