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Fishdom Mod APK (MOD, Unlimited Everything) Download Latest Version7.12.0

Fishdom Mod APK

Fishdom Mod APK is a popular puzzle game where players can create and decorate their own aquariums. Further, The game combines match-3 gameplay mechanics with aquarium customization elements. So, Players solve puzzles by swapping adjacent pieces on a game board to match three or more identical items, such as colored gems or tiles, to clear them from the board and earn points.

Game NameFishdom Mod APK
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Versionย v 7.23.0 (Latest Mod)
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Mod InfoUnlimited Everything

What is Fishdom Mod APK

Fishdom Mod APK is a popular puzzle game developed by Playrix. Moreover, It combines elements of match-3 gameplay and aquarium simulation. However, The objective of the game is to complete match-3 puzzles to earn coins and resources, which can be used to decorate and personalize your virtual aquarium. Thus, Players can choose from a variety of fish and aquatic decorations to create their own unique underwater world

APK features of Fishdom Mod APK

In the free version of Fishdom, players have access to a wide range of features and gameplay elements. Here are some of the main features available in the free version:

Match-3 Gameplay

Fishdom follows the classic match-3 puzzle format, where players need to swap adjacent gems to create matches of three or more of the same color. So, Each level has specific goals that need to be completed within a limited number of moves.

Fishdom Mod APK

Aquarium Customization

As players progress through the game and complete levels, they earn virtual currency in the form of coins and stars. Further, These can be used to purchase fish, decorations, and accessories for their virtual aquarium. So, The free version offers a decent selection of options to personalize and beautify the aquarium.

Engaging Storyline

Fishdom features a storyline that unfolds as players progress through various levels. Moreover, The game introduces different characters and provides a sense of progression and achievement.

Power-Ups and Boosters

To aid players in completing challenging levels, Fishdom offers power-ups and boosters. Additionally, These special items can be used strategically to clear more gems or complete objectives more easily. Thus, Some power-ups can be earned during gameplay, while others are available for purchase.

Fishdom Mod APK

Social Interactions

Fishdom allows players to connect the game to their social media accounts. Moreover, This enables them to interact with their friends who are also playing the game. As well as They can visit each other’s aquariums, send and receive gifts, and compete in friendly competitions.

Regular Updates and Events

Playrix regularly updates Fishdom with new levels, features, and themed events. Furthermore, These events often come with special rewards and challenges, providing additional gameplay opportunities for players.

Mod Features of Fishdom Mod APK

Fishdom is a popular mobile and desktop game developed by Playrix Entertainment. Moreover, It combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with aquarium simulation elements. However, While the game is free to download and play, it also offers various paid features and in-app purchases to enhance the gameplay experience. So, Here are the details of the paid features in Fishdom:

In-Game Currency

Fishdom has two types of in-game currency: coins and diamonds. Furthermore, Coins are the primary currency and can earn through completing levels, while diamonds are the premium currency and are more difficult to obtain. Thus, Both currencies can be used to purchase various items and features in the game.

Fishdom Mod APK

Boosters and Power-Ups

Boosters and power-ups are special items that can be used to help you complete challenging levels. Moreover, They can be purchased with either coins or diamonds. Boosters include tools like dynamite (to remove multiple pieces from the board), and firecrackers (to clear specific tiles). Further, It also includes hammers (to break obstacles). Power-ups, on the other hand, provide gameplay advantages like extra moves or additional time.

Decorations and Themes

Fishdom allows players to customize and decorate their virtual aquariums with a wide range of items, including plants, ornaments, backgrounds, and themes. However, Many of these decorations can purchase using in-game coins or diamonds. Themes, in particular, offer a complete makeover for your aquarium with a unique design and layout.

Fishdom Mod APK

Fish and Fish Upgrades

The game features a variety of colorful and exotic fish that can inhabit your aquarium. So, You can purchase different fish species using in-game currency. Additionally, you can also upgrade your existing fish to enhance their beauty, growth, and earning potential. Upgrading fish requires coins or diamonds, depending on the level of improvement.

Extra Lives and Unlimited Play

Fishdom operates on an energy system, where each level attempt consumes a certain amount of energy. As well as, When you run out of energy, you need to wait for it to replenish over time. Alternatively, you can purchase extra lives or unlimited play options to continue playing,

Special Offers and Packages

Fishdom frequently offers special deals and packages that provide players with discounted items or additional in-game currency. So, These offers are often available for a limited time and may include bundles of boosters, currencies, or exclusive decorations.

Fishdom Mod APK


What is Fishdom?

Fishdom is a popular match-3 puzzle game. Further, It combines elements of puzzle-solving and aquarium simulation, allowing players to create and customize their own underwater worlds.

How do you play Fishdom?

In Fishdom, the gameplay revolves around solving match-3 puzzles to earn virtual currency and progress in the game. Moreover, Players need to swap adjacent pieces on the game board to create rows or columns of three or more identical symbols or objects. Each level has specific goals, such as collecting certain pieces, breaking the ice, or clearing mud. So, By completing levels, players earn stars and coins that can be used to purchase fish, decorations, and accessories for their aquarium.

What are the different game modes in Fishdom?

Fishdom offers several game modes to keep players engaged. Moreovr, The primary mode is the “Match-3” gameplay, where players solve puzzles and progress through levels. Additionally, there are special events and challenges that provide unique objectives and rewards. However, The game also includes the aquarium customization mode, where players can design and decorate their own underwater habitats.

ย What can you do in the aquarium customization mode?

In the aquarium customization mode, players can unleash their creativity and design unique underwater worlds. Furthermore, They can choose from a variety of fish species, plants, decorations, and accessories to create visually stunning and personalized aquariums. As well as The game offers a wide range of options, including different tank shapes and sizes, background themes, and even interactive elements like treasure chests and mini-games.

ย How can I earn coins and stars in Fishdom?

Coins and stars are essential currencies in Fishdom. Moreover, Coins can earn through completing match-3 levels, while stars are awarded based on your performance in each level. However, You can also receive bonuses and rewards for achieving high scores, making special combinations, or using power-ups effectively. Thus, Coins and stars can be used to purchase new fish, decorations, and upgrades for your aquarium.

ย Are there any power-ups or boosters in Fishdom?

Yes, Fishdom provides various power-ups and boosters to assist players in challenging levels. As well as These can be obtained by creating special combinations. So, Some examples of power-ups include dynamite that clears multiple pieces at once, firecrackers that remove pieces in a specific area, and hammers that break individual tiles. Thus, Using these strategies can help you complete difficult levels more easily.

Can you interact with the fish in Fishdom?

While Fishdom primarily focuses on match-3 puzzle gameplay, players can still interact with their fish in various ways. Further, Tapping on the fish will make them swim around and perform playful actions. Feeding the fish regularly is important to keep them happy and healthy. Additionally, players can unlock and discover new fish species as they progress through the game.

ย Is Fishdom a free-to-play game?

Yes, Fishdom is free to play. However, it offers optional in-app purchases for players who wish to progress faster or acquire exclusive items. Moreover, These purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game fully, and players can advance and customize their aquariums.

ย Can I play Fishdom on different devices?

Yes, Fishdom is available on various platforms, including mobile devices (iOS and Android), as well as PC and Mac. Thus, The game can play across different devices as long as you use the same account.

ย Does Fishdom have social features?

Fishdom incorporates social features to enhance the gaming experience. Players can connect the game to their Facebook account to compete with friends.


Fishdom Mod APK is a popular puzzle game developed by Playrix. Further, It is available on various platforms, including mobile devices and computers. Moreover, In Fishdom, players are tasked with creating and maintaining their own virtual aquarium. The game combines match-3 puzzle mechanics with aquarium decoration elements. Thus, Players earn points and progress through levels.

Fishdomย Mod APK

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