<strong>Score Hero Mod Apk</strong>
Score Hero Mod Apk Unlimited Energy and Money Latest Version (Full Energy And Money) Unlimited Life (Unlocked All Levels) V2.75

Score Hero Mod Apk

Score Hero Mod Apk. If you are interested in sports games, especially football Games then you are in the right place. Score hero mod apk is an awesome game for you You can get involved in football through it. To play this game well you need fitness so that you are the best in the whole event. Demonstrated performance. Your best passes can increase your chances for game mates and your great kicks can boost your reputation. All you need to do is control the ball so that you can use it properly and throw it the way you want it to.
NameScore Hero Mod Apk
Size96 MB
Version2.75 (New Mod)
Updated{a few hours ago}
Price FREE
Mod InfoUnlimited (Full) Energy and Money
Offered byFirst Touch Games Ltd.

Story of the Game

This is a game in which you can create a player of your choice and take it to a level that you would normally never reach. You can use the skills on this player that you are afraid to use normally. In this way, make the best players using your best skills. The game always has to make decisions according to the situation in order to get the best results. And let your player be a great player.

Score Hero Mod Apk

Game Features

The main features of the Score Hero Mod Apk are:

The career of the player

Score Hero Mod Apk, you have the opportunity to make an awesome career. There are many career mods in this game. You can select whatever you want. Always start from the small level and gradually move to the big level. During the game, you encounter many ups and downs which increase your abilities. In addition, there are dramatic careers in the game that are not affected in any way. This is a career that will always be yours. There are so many new things waiting for you.


It is a very interesting game in which you can get up to 800 levels. You can become a top player by performing these levels. Each level has its own style and difficulty level which helps you to become the best player already. That way, you can go from one level to another.

Represents Your Country

This is a game in which you can also represent your country. Not only this, with the help of this flag you can display your country’s flag. This way you can get every reward and award this way it is like a real match.

Score Hero Mod Apk

 Play with Friends and Family

If you do not want to play this game alone, you can play it online with your friends and family. All you have to do is link your game to your Facebook account and then you can easily play this game with your friends and family.

Play Games without the Internet

Score Hero Mod Apk is a game you can play without an internet connection. You can play this game on your mobile phone without having to go online.

Graphics, Sound, and Music

The graphics used in this game are very beautiful. Additionally, you can add any music to enjoy. The sound of the game is that you did not get bored. Its graphics are 3D and you can use whatever graphics you want.



Is this a free Game?

Yes this is a free game

Can I play this game on my Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can play this game on your Mobile Phone.

Can I represent my country through this game?

Yes, you can represent your country through this game.


Score Hero Mod Apk is a very interesting game that is the best for football enthusiasts. You can play it on your mobile without the internet. Its over 800 levels are very interesting. It also allows you to represent your country and receive awards and prizes. This is a great game to use your skills to the best of your ability. You can download this game from the link below.

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