Tentacle Locker APK
Tentacle Locker APK Latest Version (for Android )Free Download v 1.3
Tentacle Locker APK
Tentacle Locker APK is an amazing game. You try girls’ clothes in school. This is an amazing game. You enjoy it a lot. It has various features. Girls touch the locker and the locker caught the girls. There are very awesome games. You will love to play it. It has various features. These features are very famous and helpful. You will enjoy the game a lot.
APP NameTentacle Locker APK
Size89. 8 MB
Versionv 1.3(Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
AvailableDownload Section
Mod InfoUnlimited Moneyย 

What is Tentacle Locker APK?

This is a very amazing game. There are many levels in the game. You get these levels by completing the missions. In this video, you wear the girls’ skirts. This game is played in the school. The girls will lock in their rooms. When you enter the locker you will enjoy the game a lot. All the features are free in it. There are many features in this game. You can get all the premium features on it. Many facilities are very amazing.


Features of the Game

Tentacle Locker APK is an awesome game. It has many features. These features are very amazing. You will enjoy these features. These features are as under

APK features of the game

This is a free version. It is a very famous version. It has great features. You will enjoy these features very much. Their limited features are in it. You can get unlimited features in the mod version of the game. In this version, there are many ad videos. These videos make you very lazy. You will face many problems.

Mod APK Features of the game

The mod version of the application is great. You can get unlimited features through it. Many of the features are very awesome. You can get these features as you want. This is a very awesome feature. You can play it as you want.ย  This version is very famous features. These are very outstanding features of it.

Tentacle Locker APK

Android Game

Tentacle ย Apk Android depends on the narrative of a secondary school. Intended for 18+ clients as it were. Secondary school young ladies can be detained here and compelled to wear short scarves. It contains no personal scenes of any sort. Nonetheless, it is simply accessible to 18+ clients. You can force the detained Girls to wear things from a few Storage spaces in this game. I have not utilized any exceptional designs or unique visualizations. Be that as it may, this game has been very generally welcomed.

Wear Skirts

To detain secondary school young ladies and power them to wear skirts despite their desire to the contrary, you can download Arm Storage Premium apk to your cell phone or tablet by last perusing this blog entry. Since anybody can play this grown-up game effectively and take a break, its point of interaction is very easy to use, for example, it has been made simple and easy to utilize. Along these lines, everybody can take full advantage of the multitude of highlights. Furthermore, you can play it on your cell phone.

Tentacle Locker APK

High-Level speed

Tentacleย  Loecker APK given the narrative of monstrosities committed against secondary school young ladies can be played on a wide range of gadgets flawlessly. It very well may be played on any gadget you own. This Apk gives local 64-digit support, in light of which it very well may be played without any problem. On the off chance that you download the appendage storage mod apk on your gadget, you will want to guard your gadget and information against infections and malware.

Awesome Storyline

Because of its fantastic storyline, the Tentacle ย Apk Androidversatile download game has intriguing interactivity. The storyline and illustrations are additionally not appropriate for them. The appendage storage download apk game is exceptionally basic and direct to play on your Android or iOS gadget with next to no issues. While diving into the dim universe of grown-up games we can find all-around made titles, some that show rather questionable taste yet are generally innocuous, some that settle on you need to decide the police, and afterward, there are others, similar to Limb Storage, where you simply don’t have any idea what to think about it.

Young Lady Skirt

Thus, we know from the start that the game is intended to be a joke or possibly that is what we need to think. It is set in the passages of a young ladies’ school (horn caution) and we gain influence from a fairly surprising arrangement of storage spaces. At the point when the understudies pass by, we should open the storage spaces to send off our appendages and power them in despite their desire to the contrary. Once in the storage spaces, a Lovecraft-type animal purposes its limb (thus the name) to compel them to take part in sexual relations. As it turns out, tune out for the audio effects on the off chance that you like films like Daft by Peter Jackson or The Thing by John Craftsman.

Tentacle Locker APK

ย Unique Featuresย 

A faltering game for killing some time and checking whether you can raise a town bar at the right second, which may be Acceptable for a chimpanzee yet there’s very little else to it. On the off chance that you have arrived here having explicitly looked for the game, you should request that your mother take you to consider a psychologist to be soon as could be expected.


Can I play this game on my mobile?

Yes, you can play it on your mobile.

What is the actual size of the game?

The actual size of the game is 1.3.


Tentacle Locker APK is a very amazing game. You will enjoy the game on your mobile. There are many features in it. You will enjoy the game as you want. ย One version is called the standard version. You will enjoy all the premium features in it. The second version is a mod version of the game. You will enjoy it a lot. In the mod version of the game, you will enjoy premium features in the game. There are also some extra features. This is a very famous and great game. You will enjoy it a lot.

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