Weed Firm APK
Weed Firm APK Free Download Get (Unlimited Everything)/Latest Version 3.0.60
Weed Firm APK
Weed Firm APK is an adventure game. It is a business simulation game. You will enjoy playing it. It is an android game. You will enjoy it a lot playing on your mobile. It has a great storyline. You become a great chemistry teacher.ย  Many of the features are very amazing in it. You will enjoy your time when playing it. It has simple gameplay. You cannot need any instruction to play it. This is an awesome game with simple gameplay.
APP NameWeed Firm APK
Size104 MB
Versionv 3.0.60(Latest Mod)
Update{a few hours ago}
AvailableDownload Section
Mod InfoUnlimited Moneyย 

What is weed firm APK?

There are many games on the market. Different categories are available in it. You have to choose your best level to play the game. You will become a great chemistry teacher and teach your students to become heroes. You start with a laboratory. You do different experiments. You grow a little seed, watering it. You will enjoy it a lot.

Weed Firm APK

Features of the game

Weed Firm APK is a simple game. You have a lot of fun playing it. It has different features. These features are discussed as under

APK features of the game

This is a free version of the game. You will enjoy all the features free of cost. Some features are free in it and some are paid. Some features you get unlocked and some locked. You can play the game as a beginner. This version is full of ad you cannot pay anything or payment in it. If you want to play this game in free of cost then this version is made for them.

Mod Features of the game

This is a paid version of the game. It has premium features. You will enjoy your game in a complete way. This is a very amazing game.ย  You can get all the premium features free of cost. This is a very amazing game. It has simple gameplay. You enjoy your best-level game. It helps you a lot to win the game. There is no ad video in it. You get all the levels for free. This is a great version and you will enjoy it a lot. Weed Firm is a game where you play a young fellow who, subsequent to being ousted from school, begins a profession as a pot vendor. To do this, you really want to develop pot, draw in potential purchasers, and obviously work with them.

Weed Firm APK

Game Play

Growing a cannabis plant is easy, yet it’s not precisely simple all things considered. You need to purchase and sow the seeds, give the plant sufficient water, and when it’s prepared, cut the leaves. Really at that time might you at any point take a stab at offering the item to the purchasers who come to your store? A wide range of clients will come to your store with various sorts of solicitations. Some will need pretty much pot, or some might be fastidious about the sort of weed. Your responsibility is to fulfill your clients or on the other hand, you will not get compensated.

Weed Firm APK

Unique game

Weed Firm APK is an RPG with a unique topic and a few truly fun subtleties. It’s not particularly troublesome or testing, yet that is precisely why it’s so engaging. Investigate the left half of your screen and you’ll see a water bottle symbol. Weed Firm 2 restricts your energy to 100. You can build your High by purchasing or “getting high” with the client. After you’ve gathered your plants, you can offer your items to your clients. Go to the right half of the house and you will see a lot of clients thumping on your entryway. You can exchange with them to get rich and develop your pot domain.

Customer Needs

After each step up, Weed Firm opens all the more new weeds in the store. They have more prominent worth, and you additionally get more cash-flow selling. You need to realize that your clients will come to you when they realize you have what they need. With very good quality items, you will draw in numerous potential clients able to pay you a huge load of cash. To assist your benefits with developing rapidly, consistently attempt to open more pots and sow every one of the seeds you have. Despite the fact that your work becomes more earnest, you will procure a lot of weed after each gathering.

Weed Firm APK

Libratory function

I’m completely serious by any stretch of the imagination. Subsequent to redesigning the lab, you can develop enchantment weeds and offer them to outsiders. In any case, the outsiders don’t communicate in English like what occurs in outsider motion pictures. You want to recruit a translator to execute with them. On the other hand, you could purchase a spaceship, open a Space Bar, and offer it in mass to outsiders.

Criminals in the game

Your occupation is perilous work. Some of the time, you need to confront a few hazardous clients. On the off chance that you acknowledge offering weed to them, they may not pay or even deny you your cash. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you “get high” with them, perhaps they will regard you all the more so you can impart and execute with them. Your room embellishment becomes current and rich to assist you with expanding your Regard focuses with your clients. They regard you more and will pay you more.

Weed Firm APK


Can I make my own room in this game?

Yes, you can make your own room in this class.

How can I get unlimited features in this game?

You can get unlimited money in the mod version of the game.


Weed Firm APK is a fantastic game. You can get it on your simple android mobile. Many of the features are free in it. It has great features. You will enjoy a lot to play it. It has a free version. This version is called the standard version of the game. You enjoy all the features free of cost. The second version is called the mod version of the game. This is a great version of the game. You enjoy all the premium features free of cost. There is no need for any ad in this version. You enjoy the game without an ad. This is an amazing game and you will enjoy it a lot.

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